Team Faff

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We are a small group of friends who own and sometimes (when they are working) love our old Land Rovers. Every so often we like to take them to see a little bit more of the world. All our trips are on a shoestring budget and we never have enough time to do and see everything we want to see. In the spirit of having no money, we wild camp as much as possible and share the main expense of fuel between drivers and co-drivers. I try and video each journey for posterity which can be found on my YouTube page. Basically it's all about having an adventure and sharing some laughs....... oh and breaking down of course. On this site you can link to the videos, Facebook page, see photos and read trip reports of some of our bungling, plus try and find one of our GeoFaffs. Enjoy journeying around this site and hopefully be inspired to take your own journey or even follow one of Team Faff's routes. Anyone with a passion for Land Rovers can do what we do and for anyone that is inspired by this site, there is plenty of knowledge and people ready to advise on the Forum page.

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