GeoFaff in Lairg, Scotland.


The very first GeoFaff ever placed, this container holds the first edition of keyrings. When you venture out to find this GeoFaff you will find inside, a piece of paper and pen so that you can log your name and date that you found it. Please feel free to take a keyring as a reward for having your very own adventure.

On finding this GeoFaff, please take a photo of yourself with your Land Rover and keyring and post it on the Team Faff forum (i.e. Facebook page) or email it with a short story of your adventure to and it will be uploaded to this page. Please ensure you include your location so that it can be uploaded to the right page.

CONGRATULATIONS to our very first Geofaff find!!!!

This is Mark Saville, the very first person to adventure out and actually find one of the Geofaffs and claim his keyring.

Well done Mark! You are a legend!